Robert Chadwick Photography
Robert Chadwick
125 Sedona Road
Sedona, AZ 86351

PH: 928-284-5757

My work can be seen at the following galleries:

Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery
502 Main Street
Jerome, Az  86331

Village Gallery
6500 Hwy. 179
Sedona, AZ  86351
Ph: 928-284-1416

I moved to Arizona in 1983 and soon was captivated by the beautiful red rock canyons around Sedona and the wilderness areas atop the Vermillion Cliffs.   A former photojournalism teacher, I was never interested in landscape photography.  My first attempts were simply efforts to record my hikes on slides to preserve the memories of my adventures.  Only with the development of digital cameras did I become interested in expanding my photographic horizons.  Processing and printing my own work at home became a new adventure, much more rewarding than my previous black and white work in the darkroom.  In the past 10 years I have expanded my explorations as well to encompass the entire Colorado Plateau in Arizona and Utah, the Sonoran and Mohave Deserts, and the diverse landscapes of southern California, Nevada, and New Mexico.  

My objective as a photographer is to capture natural phenomena vividly and faithfully through digital media.  I shoot my photos in raw format using high resolution Canon cameras and process the images with Photoshop.  My desire is to reproduce the natural scenes with an objective, if somewhat idealized, reality, subtly enhancing the photographs in order to convey to the viewer not only the aesthetic, but also the emotional qualities of the scenes that I perceived when I clicked the shutter.

I spend little time in post-processing, doing most of my work in the raw processor, adjusting the white balance, if needed, and increasing the luminance to enrich colors without changing the original hues.  I try to compose each shot perfectly in the field to obviate the need for cropping or cloning or masking.  My photographs are all single images, except for the rare panorama, such as the one at the top of this page.  I don't use HDR and I rarely use layers or masks to correct flaws in the digital "negatives."

My photographs represent my love and respect for the natural world that we inhabit.  I try to avoid any evidence of man's existence in my photos, although I occasionally include a hiking companion in certain photos to give a perspective of scale and to honor a fellow lover of wilderness.  I hope you will enjoy my photographs and share my respect for our wondrous planet .